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Teenage scoliosis corrected by manual therapy and fixative poses. There is a need for repetitive corrections by manual therapy

Correction of lumbar curvature (hyperlordosis) by the method of Manual-Aesthetic medicine

Correction of figure by method of Manual-Aesthetic medicine

Defence reflex scoliosis as result of pain in lumbar part of the back(lumbalgia). Triated by Manual-Aesthetic Medicine

Scoliosis of the spine.

Manual correction of the spine.

Decreasing of fat deposits in anterior abdomenal wall by method of Manual-Aesthetic Medicine


Removing age pigment spots. Method created by Dr's V.S.Tolkachov and V.V.Tolkachov

Correction of neck

Decreasing of cutaneous-fatt folds on the back by method of Manual-Aesthetic Medicine

Neck Osteochondrosis, clinical manifestation (frozen shoulder (on the left), Dupuytren's contracture)

Left knee Osteoarthritis

Right knee Osteoarthritis | Arthritis of the right knee joint (bend test)

Treatment of right knee arthrosis

Rheumatic polyarthritis (before- and after 3 month of treatment)

instrumental and clinical manifestation of strangulated of te nerve root on the left by disc hernia before treatment and after 3 month

Muscular atrophy, hip area (right side)

Dynamics of clinical changes in patient X... DOB: 1979 who was treated in our clinic since 5.01.2013

Some Clinical Observations

Atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities (thermographic image before and after treatment)