Hi, my name is Roger, I live in Wexford and a brief background is that after coming off horses, motorbikes, crushing cars I done a lot of damage to myself and 8 years ago ended up in a wheelchair. And nobody could do anything for me, and I went to countless people until I met a friend of mine I haven’t seen in a long time and he’d been in a similar position and he looked so much better and he gave me Dr. Vladimirs number and I phoned him. And I’ve been coming for a couple of months, several sessions now, and for the first time, in all that time I’ve now moved from downstairs in the house where I’m living to upstairs in the house where I’m living, and I can go up and down the stairs when needed with nothing but a walking stick. I’m… now I’ll have to keep coming for a while longer and I never came to respecting miracles but there’s no doubt about it for me this is a miracle. I won’t even begin to tell you the medication I used to be on at one time for pain control and I don’t need any of that anymore, and that to me in itself is a miracle. And there are things to be done, I know that and I’ve absolute trust, absolute trust and belief in this gentleman, and anybody who wants to talk to me about it, I will tell them exactly what I believe. Thank you.