I’m Billy Roche, I’ve been coming to Vladimir for three years now. I have had a diagnosis “degenerative disc disease” through my spine. I’ve had a serious problem with my back and hip and right leg, right shoulder and neck. I’ve been to various treatments, through doctors, through MRI scans, through various chiropractors, all sorts of people jumping and heaving on me, none of them seemed to have worked over the years, small amounts of relief, but nothing permanent. I spent eight months coming to Vladimir twice a week and after that length of time found a considerable improvement in my health, physically able to move much better, not as much the problems with my leg and my neck improves substantially. I haven’t been with Vladimir for about eight months and now I’m back again with a trapped nerve in my hip and have had 5 or 6 treatments at this stage and there’s considerable improvement. I would recommend Vladimir for his work and if there was a sainthood, I would give him a sainthood.

Billy Roche