Hello, my name is Leo Barry, I had an injury over three or four years ago now and doing farm work. It was a rupture disc in my neck, it caused enough a lot of problems and over a year period it went from over side to the next. I ruptured on one side and then I rupture on the other side and operation was nearly, was going to be on the cards, it was talked about a lot and there was some side effects with the operation and could have been complications with it and it’s just one road I didn’t want to go down. Now over, over the years I’ve gone to several people. Some help for a little while and some didn’t. now I know over time it was going to help a little but I just couldn’t get a lot of residual pain what was left, I’d get a … time healed a certain amount but I couldn’t get rid of, there was some pain there still, there was some movement … I couldn’t move as much as I could but still. So, eventually I head of Vladimir and a… through my sister and all, and she told me to come, and I said “Look I’d give anyone a chance so you could relief some of the pain and some of the symptoms that I have.” because I was getting referred pain on my arms , my back, my legs, still, being in a farming job you always try to … it was affecting me with my farm work. And so I. Vladimir told me it would take probably a couple of months because it was an old injury, the older the injury the harder it is probably to… how to say...get the better of it, and heals or make it … how to say.. get back to a normal as best you can. So alright, I said I’d give him a go and I’d stick with him for two or three months. And after a couple of sessions I could feel myself improving. Now in the mean time well he tried to put me on homeopathics and I could feel that that gave me a bit of a of a lift as well as loosen up my joins. He said it would do that to me and I had a feel of myself getting better. Every time I went to him I can feel myself getting better and being more flexible and my energy coming back. I noticed that pain and what u call, and stress due to the injury that I had, just takes energy out of you, and I could feel the energy coming back. I always pop back in now and then, every maybe two or three months just to keep it in check and keep it in line, but not just because of the injury but because of the physical job that I am in as well like you’ll always get a little bit, get a, will get physical strains as well through farm work, so hopefully he will be able to help me with them as well. I would recommend anyone to go to him, even just to see if it would help with the problem because there’s definitely no hard in going to someone to try and help. I’ve been to a lot of people, and I’ve felt he was one of the best I’ve come across so far.

Leo Barry