My name is Frank Carley, I live about six miles or so from Wexford town and I’m attending Vladimir now for about the last six or eight months. I have a problem with my lower back and I’ve been to a lot of people and Vladimir I find… I have the most success with him. He has more or less cured me to a real extent, I get great relief and his methods definitely work for me. He’s also given me some homoeopathic remedies which I’ve taken and they’ve been a help also. My problem really is mobility, I tend to stiffen up, I have a … what’s a… I think a bit of a dip in my spine, I don’t know how it occurred or I got it, but it’s been there a long long time and I’ve suffered a long long long time with my back, and I find Vladimir’s treatments are the only thing that really can give me any relief. I’d recommend him to anybody and I have done as well, and I think a few people have come. I heard from him … I think off a leaflet around the town somewhere and I was glad that I came, okay.

Frank Carley