My name is Gwendolyn Cunningham Whitmore, I injured my back from horse riding accident fifteen years ago. In the fifteen years I have been to osteopaths, chiropractors, spinologists, I flew over to the British School of Osteopathy and was advised to come back to the osteopath I have been seeing in Arklow. Throughout the years I have spells after treatment which I would be okay but the work always seemed to come undone shortly after a session. I’ve been attending Vladimir for a while now because I find my ease of movement, pain relief, and every type of sport that I want to do was much easier, my flexibility, and I just find him excellent. I take some homoeopathic remedy on his advice which really helps with pain relief and remove inflammation from my body also, and I just find him excellent, I think he’s the best thing that has happened to Wexford.

Gwendolyn Cunningham Whitmore