"My name is Paul Rossiter, I’ve been going to Vladimir for around four months now and it worked absolute miracles on me. When I started out I had a slip disc in my back. I was MRI scanned and went to all sorts of specialists they told me that the only treatment there was an operation, and date, I could have to wait up to a year for that. I’m naturally a sceptic about alternative treatments but since there is no alternative… I have heard about Vladimir and that he was very good, and so I decided to try his treatment. At first it was.. it was quite painful but every week, I went to him once a week, and every week I noticed an improvement so the pain was definitely worth the gain. When I started going to Vladimir I was taking solpadines like everyday. I was taking 2 solpadines four times a day just to be able to stay in work and keep going to work, the pain was very bad, and after about eight… six or eight weeks of going to Vladimir I was totally off pain killers. Now my range of movement is really good its.. I have no pain what so ever and I’m not one hundred percent but I’m very good, I’m ninety percent I would say back to what it was. I’m still on the list for the operation but I don’t think I’ll be having the operation which is a good thing, and I can highly recommend his treatment, highly recommend it."

Paul Rossiter