Visceral Manual Therapy (Key method)

Visceral Manual Therapy or Visceral chiropractic (Key method) allows to treat

The innervation of the organs of the abdomen is performed by the somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system. Somatic innervation of the organs of the abdomen comes from spinal cord segments Th5-L3.

Visceral manual therapy can be as an independent method of treatment of diseases of internal organs, or the part of Manual-Aesthetic Medicine.

Key method allows to treat:
- chronic constipation
- reduces bloating (meteorizm)
- has a positive impact on the work of the gallbladder, liver, kidney and pancreas
- improve the functions of the digestive system, and the body's metabolism - has a positive effect in diabetes mellitus type 2
- effectively in case of the displacement or prolapse of organs the abdominal cavity
- helps to reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue
- improves mental performance and memory
- reduces the phenomena of venous congestion in the pelvis
Visceral Manual Therapy or Visceral chiropractic (Key method) is effective in removing excess fat deposits on the anterior abdominal wall and the visceral fat. The average duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. (picture gallery)

Factors that determinet the external appearance of the abdomen, its size and shape:
1. The amount of subcutaneous fat in the anterior abdominal wall (excessive fat tissue change the normal form of the abdomen and contributes to muscle atrophy)
2. The condition of the skin of the anterior abdominal wall (the existence of stretch marks, scars, pigmentation and, / turgor of skin/).
3. The condition of the abdominal muscles (muscles produce normal intra-abdominal pressure, prevent lowering of internal organs, promote regular bowel evacuation).
4. Quantity of visceral fat (excessive fat tissue adversely affect the function of internal organs).
5. Prolapsus (ptosis) of the internal organs
6. The amount of gas in the intestine (excess gas limits the mobility of the diaphragm and this makes it difficult to breath).
7. Spine Health and its configuration

Manual-aesthetic medicine can successfully effect on all of the above factors, and get a good therapeutic result.

In strength of anatomical features, manual influence on the organs of the chest cavity is not possible or safe. In this regard, we have developed the SELF-MASSAGE ORGANS OF THE CHEST CAVITY, which is a set of special exercises with the use of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles. The proposed method is absolutely safe, eliminates congestion in the lung tissue, drains mucus from the bronchi, reduces visceral fat, and improves microcirculation in the chest organs.