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(Proposed by Dr.'s V.S. Tolkachov and V.V. Tolkachov 2008)

It should be mentioned that increasingly we meet patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system accompanied by physical defects that require treatment by methods of AM. While treating this group of people we combine MANUAL THERAPY and AESTHETIC MEDICINE. Thus, at the intersection of the two medical directions of MANUAL THERAPY and AESTHETIC MEDICINE we offer a new one – MANUAL-AESTHETIC MEDICINE that allows us to effectively treat spine diseases, joints and the surrounding tissues with the simultaneous correction of complex physical defects of the figure without any surgical interventions and complications.

"...Ageing is disease. Disease and its manifestations should be treated."

"At the heart of early senility (aging) of the organism lies human ignorance, laziness, and unjustified economy".

It is well-known that there is a connection between the spinal column and internal organs, which is carried out through vertebro-visceral and viscero-vertebral reflexes, i.e. when treating the spine, it is possible to improve the functioning of the internal organs and vice versa.

"The cause of all diseases is hidden in the spine," said Hippocrates.

Skin, like a mirror, reflects all of the processes occurring in the body. First of all, in the digestive system (liver condition, digestive processes, intestinal microflora, etc.). Therefore, by improving the functioning of the internal organs, it is possible to achieve an improvement in skin condition.

Based on this, the concept of manual-aesthetic medicine is built on the normalization of the function of the spine, internal organs and their harmonization. After that, it is proposed to carry out aesthetic therapy on the face, body, and subcutaneous fat. In our opinion, aesthetic medicine based only on injections and/or scalpel does not stand up to scrutiny. Such work can be compared to redecorating the facade of a building that needs major repairs. The solution to the problems of aesthetic medicine, in its optimal form, should be systemic. Manual-Aesthetic-Medicine serves this perfectly.

In our opinion, the concept of Manual-Aesthetic Medicine corresponds to the main provisions of the ancient oriental theory of the five elements (figure), which reflects the inseparable unity, interdependence and harmony of all organs and systems in the human body. Oriental philosophy opens the way to health, beauty and productive longevity.

Мanual-Аesthetic-Мedicine in pictures:


(Photo A)


(Photo B)


(Photo C)


MANUAL-AESTHETIC MEDICINE - is a medical direction which combines methods of manual therapy and aesthetic medicine with the purpose of receiving the maximum effect in the combined treatment of diseases of the muscular-skeletal system, age changes of skin and hypodermis, correction of figure (Proposed by Dr.'s V.S. Tolkachev and V.V. Tolkachev 2008).

MAM can be represented as one of the direction of Integrative Medicine.

The analysis of the work accomplished showed that the sessions of Manual -Aesthetic Medicine significantly improve the quality of life of our patients

Manual-Aeshetic Medicine Includes:

Manual Therapy of spine (slide – and — press method is preferable)

Visceral Manual Therapy

Self-massage organs of the chest cavity

Rejuvenation of the face and neck, by mesotherapy or Magnetophoresis

Bioregulatory medicine


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The following are problems my treatment can help with:

  • Headaches
  • Pain in all parts of the back
  • Weak Limbs
  • Joints Pain and Stiffness
  • Prevention and treatment of problems caused by disc hernia
  • Sport Injuries
  • “Frozen Shoulder”
  • Cellulite and Localised Fat reduction
  • Correction of Figure
  • Treatment of acne on the face and back (the original technique)
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Constipation (Treatment)

Manipulation is also possible on the elderly and on pregnant women.

Dr. Vladimir Tolkachov. A man with anaesthetic in his hands...

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